Etiquette Code for the South Australian Italian Golf Club Inc.

Etiquette of the Game of Golf Members are asked to pay particular attention to the following paragraphs - observance of these will add to the pleasure on the course for all concerned. 

No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or playing a stroke.

The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball.

No player shall play until the players in front are out of range.

In the interests of all, players should play without delay.

A player who has incurred a penalty should indicate the fact to their opponent or marker as soon as possible.

Players searching for a ball should allow other players coming up to pass them: they should not continue their play until those players have passed and are out of range Before leaving a bunker holes and footmarks made by the player must be smoothed, and the rake left in a flat section of the bunker Restore divots, repair ball marks and damage of spikes: Through the green a player should ensure that any turf cut or displaced is replaced at once and pressed down.

In order to keep the game moving at an enjoyable tempo for all, it is imperative that at completion of the playing of the hole, the player who has the honour at the next tee must immediately walk to that tee, leaving the replacement of the flag stick to one of the other members of the four, and the marking of his score until after the shot is played. By far the greatest amount of time lost on a round of golf is between the green and the tee. It is the duty and responsibility of the lowest handicapped player in the group to see their fellow competitors replace divots, smooth out all footmarks in bunkers, and observe the etiquette and rules of the game.

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